Golf Cart Rentals



If you’re preparing to host a big event, like a wedding or a corporate get-together, a golf cart or ten may be just what you’re looking for to ensure everyone gets where they need to be on time without tramping through sand or dirt. We provide rental golf carts for just such occasions!

Under Georgia law, golf carts may not be operated:

  • On primary highways
  • More than 4 miles from your residence (or the residence you are staying at, in the case of events or vacations)
  • After dark (½ hr. after sunset until ½ hr. prior to sunrise)
  • By an unlicensed driver
  • On any sidewalk

Parents or guardians allowing an unlicensed child to operate a golf cart are subject to a fine in excess of $200.00. Golf carts being operated in violation of state law are also subject to being towed at owner’s expense.

Golf carts are allowed on secondary roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less and can cross primary roads. All state traffic laws must be obeyed and the seating capacity of the golf cart cannot be exceeded.



Augusta has beautiful views of the Savannah River, plus other key leading venues such as golf courses, weddings and vacations being very popular. Rather than forcing your guests, friends, and loved ones to walk... and walk... and walk... rent a golf cart! That way, they'll be able to get around in comfort and style. 

We provide pickup and delivery service throughout most of Columbia / Richmond Counties for a minimal charge out of our original location in South Augusta. We can work with both small family vacations and large events. Our tractor-trailers can transport between 20-30 golf carts apiece, meaning that we can accommodate both large and small events with no problem at all. We do all the work so you don't have to — you'll receive your golf carts with no hassle on time for your event.

Reach us by phone, please contact Grant Thurmond: (706) 339-3731 or



No problem! Our South Augusta location is just a short hop away from the home of the Georgia Bulldogs, and we're happy to provide rentals for families on vacation, couples throwing a beautiful wedding, or for just about any reason you can imagine. Just let us know how many you're looking for and when you need them, we'll have them ready for you right on time! 

We provide pickup and delivery in all around Clarke county, as well as Oconee, Barrow, and Greene. When you're looking for golf cart rentals, think of Augusta Golf Cars, LLC. Reach us by phone, please contact Grant Thurmond: (706) 339-3731 or